The vineyards
The agricultural company POGGIO ALLA  META s.r.l. is located in the lower part of Lazio near the Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, with vineyards in the municipality of Alvito in the Valley of Comino geographically  appearing like an almost circular bowl of 244 Km2, mostly surrounded by mountains (Monti della Meta from which the company name is derived) and in the Media Valle del Liri in the municipality of Pescosolido).
The cellar
The grapes come together in the cellar of Casalvieri (FR) at a distance of circa 2 Km from the vineyard of Alvito. The cellar is designed according advanced methodologies which make use of the cold and the gravitation allowing a slow movement of the wine and limiting the use of mechanical pumps. The cellar is equipped according to the most modern technologies and in particular it uses the chain of the cold and the slow streaming of the must and the wine in the stainless steel containers while avoiding as much as possible to “stress” the product. The use of wood is maximally limited and only applied to those wines which one wants to give a higher oxygenation and which are in proportion to their structure suitable for slow development.
Extent and orientation
The area implanted for the wine production counts 7 hectares of wich 6 are located in Alvito (FR) in the hilly territory of the valley of Comino at 450 m a.s.l. on a ‘poggio’ – italian for hill – which is slowly descending from north to south-east and in Pescosolido (FR) in the Media Valle del Liri where the vineyard is situated at 550 m a.s.l. directed to the south.
The climatic conditions in the area are predominantly moderate: the average temperature takes values around 14o down in the valley and descends until 5o in the most elevated areas. Snowfall though is not rare in the winter season neither the presence of  fog banks, even in the period of maturation and harvest of the grapes. The area is characterized by moderation which is confirmed by the absence of the aridity tipical for the mediterranean climate in summertime. Rainfall is abundant – compared to the national mean – in a quantity of about 1500 mm.
Orography and relief
With respect to lithology prevail the dense limestone (dolomitic limestone and travertine) at the higher levels, limestone mari and sandstone in the middle zone of the slopes and clayey formations in the areas up to 500 m. The lowest point is the bowl of Cassino with 180 m a.s.l., the other extreme of the mountain chain of the Monti della Meta is the Monte Pedroso with it’s height of 2247 m.
Characteristics of the terrain
The vineyard of Alvito is situated on a soil of an average mixture of the mediterranean belt, tipical for the hilly areas of the zones that slowly slope into the deep valley; above-mentioned mediterranean belt, directed to the south, predominantly consisting of clayey limestone, is ideal for the synthesis of polyphenols of the grapes with dark peel. The vineyard of Pescosolido is characterized by limestone mari that forms a substrate of limestone and sandstone, derived from differentiating pedogenetic factors, particularly in some parts exposed to the south, with slopes subject to atmosferical degradation in different eras making it an ideal soil for the white-wine grapes.
Knowledge, experience, research, will-power and high quality are the cornerstones of the company POGGIO ALLA META that acts with strictly scientific methods, always according to the prescriptions of eco-compatible wine growing. For that reason every year research is done to combat the savage adversities of the vines by locating them and applying  agro-medicines in the vineyard of Alvito with the double objective of effectiveness and selectivity compaired to the useful artropod fauna. The vineyard of Pescosolido is obliged to biological agriculture and therefore controled by the CEA (“certification board”). In 2009, thanks to these principles, we were the first in Italy to produce a wine without CO2-emissions (Il giovane 2009) through a complex assessment of the emission of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere; during the whole production cycle in the vineyard aswell in the cellar such emission is reduced to zero by drastic and decisive interventions. All in all we try to offer in the simplest (possible) way what nature creates.